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by Dana Peters

GPS Track for J2ME


GPS Track connects to a GPS and records the path that you travel.  Tracks can be uploaded to a web site, sent by email, transferred via Bluetooth, or written to a flash memory card. Google Maps and Google Earth are used to view the tracks. File formats such as GPX and CSV are also supported.


Requires a cell phone or other mobile device with:

A GPS with Bluetooth is also required.


GPS Track Viewer


Display the path recorded by GPS Track using Google Maps.


GPS Track Viewer has been tested with:

It likely works with other browsers too.

Web Site



Q: How do I load this software on my phone?
A: Here are 4 possibilities:

  1. Start your WAP browser and enter the address qcontinuum.org/gpstrack/gpstrack.wml
  2. Start your WAP browser and enter wap.getjar.com, select "Quick Download", enter code 9125.
  3. If you have a cable to connect the phone to your PC, then use your phone vendor's software to copy GpsTrack.jar  to the phone. GpsTrack.jad may also be required to be copied.
  4. If your phone is Bluetooth capable, you may be able to use the OBEX file transfer protocol to copy GpsTrack.jar to your phone.

Q: What types of GPS will GPS Track work with?
A: GPS Track should work with any GPS that supports BlueTooth. I have tested GPS Track with the following GPS receivers:

Holux GPSSlim236
QStarz BT-Q880

Q: What types of cell phones will GPS Track work with?
A: Any phone with Java, Bluetooth, and the Java API for Bluetooth. See the J2ME Polish list of Java phones with Bluetooth support. See GPS Track Statistics for a list of phone and GPS models that have uploaded tracks.

Q: Is it possible to see the map directly on the phone?
A: No. You may want to check out Mobile GMaps if you are interested in this feature.

Q: Can I connect a GPS to my phone directly with a serial cable rather than using BlueTooth?
A: GPS Track should supports this, but I am unable to test the feature because I do not have a cell phone with an RS-232 port. Please try this if you can and let me know if it works for you.


GPS Track uses:

GPS Track Viewer uses Google Maps.

No Warranty

Because this software is free of charge, there is no warranty. It is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied.